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There are some of our activities

1. Civil works
2. Electrical works
3. Electrical nets, underground cables and others
4. Water projects
5. Construction bridges and canals
6. Supply spare parts for machines and equipment
7. Supply multi kind of cars and trucks
8. Supply multi kinds of pumps
9. Supply furniture's
10. Supply multi sizes generators
11. Supply personal computers and internet

The staff for our company

1. Assa'ad H. Mane'e     The Director - Administration Master
2. Salah Al Kafaje          Civil Engineer
3. Ahmad H. Shlip         Civil Engineer
4. Dhia H. Habeeb          Mechincal Engineer
5. Ali K. Mane’e              Civil Engineer
6. Ali K. Hade                 Survyer
7. Ala'a a H. Maohsin     Diploma of Electrecal
8. Ali  T. Mansure          Dr. Medical
9. Ahmad H. Mane'e     Business Administration
10. Jwad K. Mane'e       P.H.D geology

All members in our Company has a University or institute certificate in his specialest.

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